Ep.9: Where’s the Music?

Say goodbye to looped background music!  The guys have got some homegrown tunes for you to listen to, but don’t worry, we’ve decided to focus on the cast members and the random crap we talk about and not the lame repeating music in the back!  This week, Ryan is gone again, so Shane, Neil, and Geoff talk about:

  • Mexico and Shane’s new found fear of cruise ship toilets
  • The Jersey Shore reunion
  • The weather heating up in AZ
  • Just how mad Shane is that “Tebowmania” has started up again because of one little decision made by Peyton Manning.

Also, “MurphTalk” from the new voicemail number at (480) 779-0106 and email submitted to the HitaGap mailbox at mail@mlatm.com!

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