Ep. 25: Baby Watch is Over

Shane’s kiddo is officially here!  Hailey has been born and Shane tells the entire graphic story, including a personal scare that happened after delivery.  Also, the guys talk about:


  • Neil going to WWE’s Money In the Bank.
  • The crackhead he met there.
  • MLATM sends their condolences about the shootings in Colorado (we want that guy to ride the lightning.)
  • Geoff talks about Batman and his appreciation for it.
  • Mitch On Movies is back this week!

The show was recording back at Neil’s house this week, so we do apologize for any audio issues that may arise.  If you would like our audio to improve, please help out the show by clicking the “Donate” button on the right side of the screen at MLATM.com.  Thanks!

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